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Hi!  My name is Viviane and welcome to my recipe blog.   This blog is a bit of fun for me and a chance to share recipes and related stuff with friends, family and anyone else who’s interested … and I’ve finally caved into pressure to write down and publish the recipes I’ve created or adapted over the years.  Most of the recipes I post here are my own although there will be the odd recipe I’ve adapted from another source as indicated in the recipe.

I have had a passion for baking, patisserie, and especially chocolate all my life.  One could say I’m somewhat obsessed by chocolate.  I first met my father’s family in Italy on a trip there when I was fifteen and quickly realised chocolate was a genetic imperative and there was no point fighting it.  They all love dark chocolate.  Without exception.   We’d probably go to war over the last piece.  It’s the truest love 😀

Paradoxically, I am also a bit of a health and fitness nut so the opportunities for decadence are now mostly consigned to special occasions.  Lucky for me, chocolate is full of antioxidants and other goodies, hey?

I was lucky enough to have a brief dalliance with food writing in the Epicure section of The Age and to have some of my favourite recipes published in several cookbooks.  I’ve also supplied a few cafes around Melbourne with cakes and cookies in my time and even made special occasion cakes as a sideline business.

I believe that sharing recipes and food is an act of ♥love♥ that brings joy to both those who give and receive 🙂

I’d love to get your comments, feedback and general thoughts.  If you try a recipe I’ve posted, I’d love to hear how it turned out for you or how you have improved on it and if you’ve enjoyed it.  So if you have some thoughts to share on the blog or would like to say hi, please do leave comments or email me at chocolatechillimango[at]gnaritas[dot]com[dot]au.

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