Berry Banana Protein Cake

Living with a fructose intolerance means that I am careful about which fruits I eat and how much.  Most of the time, I stick with the ones I know don’t hurt me – bananas, berries, and citrus.  I think I eat my bodyweight in berries every year and I’m not far behind with the bananas either 🙂

So, just because I want to show I can leave out the chocolate …

What?  No chocolate?  Am I running a fever? 

Seriously, I can leave out the chocolate!  Here’s the proof.  A dense, moist, but light protein cake, bursting at the seams with fresh berries, banana, and lemon.  OK, cakes technically don’t have seams, but you get the imagery, right?

This cake is more like a dessert than a cake, as it is so incredibly moist from all the fruit it contains.  If you want your cake to not sink a little in the middle and be upstanding, decrease the amount of fruit that you add to the batter.  I’m never willing to make that sacrifice so I’m happy for it to settle a bit in the middle.  Plus, it’s a great place to dollop some thick Greek yoghurt, protein ice cream, protein fudgy sludge, or anything you fancy.  Including more berries.

You can enjoy this guilt free.  I don’t condone feelings of guilt in relation to food.  I mean, it’s food.  But if you are concerned with the macros (and if you are reading this, you probably are, as am I), then this cake is on your side, baby.  So fruity delicious, my family had no idea this was one of my crazy protein recipes 😀

You can substitute coconut milk, dairy milk, or a grain milk according to your preference.  This won’t affect the cake at all.  You can use either egg whites only or whole eggs for a richer cake.  I used egg whites as I had some liquid egg whites to use up.  Mix up the berries you use as well, anything goes – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, whatever is in season or frozen.  Cherries would also be lovely.

This cake is gluten and dairy (lactose) free and is free of refined sugars.  It is a good source of protein, healthy carbohydrates, and dietary fibre and is almost fat-free.  You know, that means you could save up your fat quota for some whipped cream or ice cream.  Maybe with some nuts sprinkled on top or a drizzle of chocolate.  I think I just figured out tonight’s plated protein dessert menu.  Looks like I found a way to work in the chocolate 😉

Enjoy!  Macros at the bottom of the recipe, as always.

Makes 1 cake (21cm x 10cm loaf tin) or about 8 slices

160 grams sliced banana, very ripe
25 grams Natvia*
198 grams egg whites (6 large whites), or 3 jumbo eggs
60 grams (2 scoops) un-flavoured pea protein isolate (I recommend and use this one or this one)
1 lemon, finely grated zest and juice (about 45 ml)
100 millilitres unsweetened almond milk
30 grams coconut flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda (bi-carbonate of soda)
1 teaspoon baking powder (gluten-free)
120 grams mixed berries (I used 50:50 raspberries and blueberries this time)

*Natvia is a stevia based sweetener that is very suited for baking.  You can use whatever you like.  In this recipe, it would also be appropriate to use pure stevia extract.  I would recommend starting with 1/8 teaspoon and adjust from there.  If using pure stevia, add to the batter just before adding the berries.  Depending on the sweetness of the fruit, you may not need more sweetener.

Preheat the oven to 180℃.  Grease a loaf tin lightly with olive oil spray or line the tin with silicone paper, if not using a silicon mold.

In the bowl of a mixer, whisk together the banana and Natvia until the banana is well mashed.  Add the egg whites and whisk until combined and frothy.  Add the protein powder, lemon zest, lemon juice, and almond milk.  Whisk on low-speed until combined.  Add the coconut flour, baking soda, and baking powder, and beat on low to medium speed until the batter is smooth.

You could, of course, just blend all the ingredients together in a food processor or with a hand-held stick blender.  I like to whisk mostly unless blending is necessary 🙂

Add the berries and gently fold them in with a spoon or large fork.  They will get mooshed a little, but that is OK.

Transfer the batter to the prepared tin and bake for about 45 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out fairly clean.  It will be somewhat more moist than most cakes, due to the amount of fruit it contains.

Remove from the oven and cool, in the tin, on a wire rack.  Transfer to a serving dish.

As it has no dairy, it will keep for a couple of days, in an airtight container.  In hot weather, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  Bring to room temperature before serving.

Macronutrient Profile
I have included macros for the recipe as stated above, as well as per serve, on the basis of 8 serves (or slices) in one cake.  As usual, I have taken care to include the most accurate macro information as possible, but they should be taken as a guideline.  If you substitute other ingredients – milks, berries, or protein powders – this will affect the total macros.



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17 responses to “Berry Banana Protein Cake

  1. Looks at all those glorious berries swirling through the cake! I’d certainly not have a problem if it sank a little as a result. 🙂

  2. I love all the colours that have spread themselves throughout the cake 😀

  3. the vibrant colours on the cake has my attention and that it is power-packed and light am totally clued in ! nice recipe

  4. Love your recipes! always on the lookout for good low fodmap treats. Do you tolerate natvia well? I’ve not tried it and am nervous as I think it has a sugar alcohol in it (erythritol)?

    • Hi, thank you 🙂
      with Natvia, I was a bit nervous too at first but I’ve been using it for a while and have had no ill effects at all. I tried it because I read that erythritol acts differently to other sugar polyols and doesn’t cause gut problems like other sugar polyols. I suspect that is part of the reason why it’s used with Natvia.
      so far, so good. it’s worth a try.
      For this recipe, you can use nothing or pure stevia extract but for some recipes, the bulk of a sweetener makes the difference so I’ve found Natvia useful for that. Let me know if you find it to be OK for you!

  5. This cake looks so unbelievably fresh and tasty! I love it when berries make a cake extra moist – and couldn’t care less if things sink a little. I’m picturing a piece of this alongside my morning coffee… it’s making me extra smart and what? Yup. I’m jumping extra high and running extra fast. Thus, this cake could be re-titled: Wonder Woman Cake.

  6. Wow. Yum. Want.

  7. Kris

    This looks delicious. Could you use rice protein powder as I don’t have any pea?

    • Hi Kris, yes rice protein should work fine in this recipe. I was going to use rice protein myself but had run out 🙂
      I hope you enjoy it!

      • Kris

        Thanks for that. Absolutely love your blog. One other question, if I may – I have a seven year old son for whom this recipe would be perfect except I’m not sure how safe it is to be using protein powder. Could you replace the protein with buckwheat or quinoa flour. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
        PS my son is gluten and dairy sensitive and so finding interesting recipes is always a challenge

      • Hi Kris
        Yes I would not recommend protein powder supplements for young children. You can most definitely use quinoa flour or GF oat flour or buckwheat (I don’t use buckwheat myself so can’t vouch for the outcome).
        You could even use almond flour or coconut flour.
        If using coconut flour you should only use about 1/4 to 1/3 of the amount of protein powder in the recipe.
        You can even use a combination of almond,quinoa and coconut.
        You still get lots of protein and good micronutrients.
        And thank you for the lovely feedback! Makes it so worthwhile to keep posting!! 🙂

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