Crostata di Fichi Freschi e Ficonero

Ah, the onset of autumn.  It’s arrived here in Melbourne, but it’s not yet fully arrived.  It doesn’t quite feel final yet.  We have that mish-mash of weather that’s downright confusing but also comforting in that we can enjoy a few more warm, sunny days before the summer is truly over.

What does this mean?  Fig season is in full swing.  This year figs are abundant and literally dropping off their trees … well, there are plenty of them about, at any rate.  Who can resist a perfect, ripe fig?  Not me.  Probably not you.  Figs are a wonderful fruit!  It’s possible there is no culinary feat that could not accommodate a delicious fig to make it better.

So I thought it high time I share my fave fresh fig tart with you.  Smack in the middle of fig season.  OK, for some of you, there’s another five or six months to wait, but hey, better early than late or not at all.  Something delicious to plan and look forward to, with anticipation 🙂

A while ago, the amazing folk over at the live with ILVE blog invited me to contribute a guest post.

Say what?   Huh?   Exactly.

How totally cool?  If you haven’t checked out their blog, and you are somewhat obsessed by major kitchen appliances (aren’t we all?), you should.   They make the most amazing stovetops and ovens, don’t they?  Totally schmick and covetable.  Lots of news and information as well as featured recipes from some well-known chefs and gorgeous cookbooks … and now Chocolate Chilli Mango!

When you post your recipes on your blog, you do it to share the love you have for, in my case, baking, patisserie, chocolate, and some crazy detours into the experimental world of protein cookery.  It’s fantastic to get comments back from you about recipes you’ve tried, loved, maybe even hated ( :-/ ), or improved upon for the benefit of us all.    To be noticed in the huge sea that is the blogging community is then always rather humbling.  Especially by a crowd that usually feature only proper chefs and their amazing recipes on their own blog.   What? This little blog?  But …  but it turns out ILVE took a shine to the recipes here at CCM.  So, with a happy dance and a little humble pride, the fig tart is the recipe I thought would be a great one to feature on my guest post there.

If you’d like the recipe for this delectable and luscious fresh fig tart, head straight on over to  live with ILVE for all the post and recipe details.

You can also find details on the ILVE Facebook page  and on Twitter.

Disclaimer:  I do own an ILVE oven however the people at the live with ILVE blog were not aware of this fact.   The views expressed here are my own and I have not been asked to provide any reviews nor have I been remunerated in any way by ILVE or any other party.



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4 responses to “Crostata di Fichi Freschi e Ficonero

  1. This looks fantastic! Off to check out ILVE now

  2. Helena

    Congrats Viviane! You are deserving to be up there with your amazing art.

  3. Lovely post and congrats on being on ILVE babe! (: It’s so exciting! And LOVE figs! hehe WIll so try this soon! hehe Just got figs today! Whoopee!

  4. Yum! Figs. I have to try finding some good quality fresh figs this year – they are so amazing. Plus I want to make fresh fig rolls – I think they’d taste amazing.

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