Lemony Almond Protein Bread

Welcome to Almondfest 2012 … or maybe Protein Bread Fest?

Anyone following the CCM Facebook page will notice I’ve gone totally nuts with the almonds lately.  I’ve recently started making my own fresh almond milk again, after a long period of laziness.  I just got sick of buying almond milk that wasn’t 100% almond milk.  I like to know my food’s origins.  Since I use and consume vast quantities of almond milk, it makes sense to make my own.   It’s cheaper too.  So now I just buy vast quantities of organic raw almonds and make everything from scratch.  Almond milk, and of course almond butter, yummy almond baked things, and this now includes protein bread with almonds.  I’ve been a bit protein bread crazy too of late 🙂

This almond bread is adapted from a lovely recipe by 24/7 Low Carb Diner.  Lisa is a genius.  The recipe is fantastic!  Make it.  Do it NOW.   But, as I’m a natural-born hacker, I had to hack away and adapt this fabulous recipe into oblivion.  Well, not quite oblivion.  A little extra protein, a little more fibre, a fresh zesty lemon yumminess … it’s beautiful.  Truly scrumptious.  Way too delicious to be this healthy.  I kid you not.

No, I didn’t add any protein powder.  Doesn’t need it.

Yes, I was tempted.  Doesn’t need it.

We are having some renovations done at home so the house is upside down and I have nowhere now to take pictures.  I’ve moved furniture and side tables into pools of fast changing light just to rush this post so I can share this wonderful recipe with you!  Hopefully, you get a sense of the deliciousness of this bread, despite the pics.

Plus, I’ve been reminded a couple of times by my protein gal pal extraordinaire over at Protein Pow(d)er … so this one’s for you, Anna!

I love love LOVE this almond bread!  Adding a little psyllium makes it more bread-like in texture.  It’s fabulous with any topping or as an accompaniment to any meal.   It makes excellent toast, and would make an awesome French Toast (ooh la la).  I love it with tuna or salmon gravlax as the lemon and almond combo is perfect with fish.  Dijon mustard loves this bread and so does any type of salad vegetable.

No need to suggest that chocolate goes well with this, is there?  I mean, seriously, it really really does.  I love to melt a little dark chocolate and drizzle or spread it all over a slice.  Also wonderful with fruit and ricotta as a topping.  Jam.  More almond butter.  Be radical … try it without anything.  Yum.

Oh who am I kidding?  ANYTHING.  It goes with literally ANYTHING.

Trust me.  Make it.  Bake it.  Eat and enjoy it.

I’ve made it a few times now with variations and it never disappoints.   You don’t need to make your own almond butter, I just do because I prefer it (cheaper, easy, I know what’s in it …).  You can use whole eggs in this recipe, but I like to give the loaf extra lightness and more protein per serve so I’ve gone with the egg whites only.  A few variations are included with the recipe.

More almondy stuff coming soon … what to do with that leftover almond meal from making almond milk?  Oh wow … 🙂

Macros in their usual spot, below the recipe.  This is a low carb bread, with plenty of protein and healthy fats.

It is also gluten and dairy free, suitable for anyone following a low FODMAP diet.  Some of you will see it as either paleo or vegan, depending on your dietary leanings.  It is all these things and so much more 🙂

As a guide, if you were to slice the loaf into 20 equal slices, a serving of 2 slices would provide: 243.4kCals, 10.2g protein, 20.5g fat (1.4 saturated), 3.2g carbohydrates (2g sugars), and 4.7g of dietary fibre.

Energy to move, power to lift.

Makes 1 loaf  (21cm x 10cm loaf tin)

375 grams raw almonds* or 100% raw almond butter
250 grams liquid egg whites (or whole eggs)
15 grams (2 tablespoons) psyllium husks
1 teaspoon baking soda (bi-carbonate of soda)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 small lemon OR 1/2 large lemon

*You can substitute dry roasted almonds for a more toasty flavour.  I prefer to start with whole almonds and make my almond butter first but it won’t affect the texture of the bread if you use ready-made nut butter.

Preheat the oven to 180℃.

Grease a loaf tin lightly with olive oil spray or line the tin with silicone paper, if not using a silicon mold.

If using whole almonds, place the nuts into the bowl of a food processor and process until it forms a smooth paste.  This will take time, and you will need to scrape down the sides of the bowl now and then.  Depending on the sturdiness of your processor, you might need to let it rest now and then to make sure it does not overheat.

Add the egg whites, psyllium, baking soda, and salt to the almond butter.  Finely grate the zest of the lemon and add this as well.  Finally, add the juice of the lemon.  Process until smooth.
If using prepared almond butter, you can simply add all the ingredients to a large mixing bowl and mix with an electric mixer until the batter is smooth.

Pour the batter into the prepared loaf tin.  Even the top, if you’d like a square loaf.

Bake for about 40 – 45 minutes until golden and risen, and a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.  Remove and cool on a wire rack before turning out.

This loaf keeps, wrapped in foil or a freezer bag, in the fridge for up to a week.  You can also freeze it.  If freezing, it’s easier to slice the loaf before freezing.

This bread would also be great made with walnut, cashew or sunflower seed butters.  Peanut butter would also work but will have a very strong flavour.  Might be good with chocolate or fruit preserves, or banana.  There is no downside to this bread.   You could also add some flaxseed meal to the mix or chopped nuts for added texture and crunch.

I have also made this bread with lime instead of lemon zest and juice and it was wonderful.

Delicious topped with tuna, avocado, mustard and wild rocket 🙂

Macronutrient Information
I have based the macronutrient information on the recipe, as stated above.  If you make any substitutions for the ingredients, note that the macros will change.

To determine the macros per serve, simply divide the macros provided here by the number of slices you cut from the loaf.  Macros will vary depending on how many slices and how evenly you cut them.



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31 responses to “Lemony Almond Protein Bread

  1. Emma

    Hi, I live in Melbourne and I am just curious where you buy your 21x10cm loaf tin from?

    • HI Emma, I have this one by Kaiser bakeware I bought in a small kitchenware shop called Casa Moderna in Fairfield ( http://www.kaiserbakeware.com/Loaf-Pan-plu7007516270.html ).
      But you should be able to find this or other brands of the same or similar size around good kitchenware stores or at Essential Ingredient in Prahran?
      Worst case, try Kitchenwaredirect.com.au as they have a large range of bakeware.

      I hope this helps. If you have a slightly larger/longer pan, it won’t matter, the loaf will not be as high. It will still be great though.

      • Emma

        Thanks 🙂 another question I’m interested in is that you often cook with WPC, have you tried any recipeies with WPI? Or is the texture better when cooking with a WPC apprised to other forms of protein? Thanks again, I really love your recipeies and am keen to try them all!!!

      • Hi Emma, I rarely cook with whey at all. I prefer to use whey in uncooked dishes but I’ve obviously used it in baking too.
        Normal WPI would be fine, interchangeable with WPC frankly. Because WPC contains about 20% casein, it’s probably a little less drying if you do bake with it. But ideally, I use pea or rice proteins for that. The fact is, I usually buy large bags of hydrolysed WPI for my post workout shakes and I would strongly recommend never using hydrolysed WPI in any treats unless you add some sweetener. It is very bitter. I like it but it is not great, even for the protein bars. Just adds that bitter edge that isn’t pleasant.
        If using standard WPI, go for it…but keep the hydrolysed stuff for your shakes.

        And THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy them. It’s so much fun to experiment and make them … and these I make for myself to enjoy although my family now eats into every batch of stuff I make. So I take heart that they must be pretty decent 🙂

  2. The flavor ingredients in this bread does have me wanting to make some! Definitely a change from the standard. I can think of several tasty ways to use it too. Almonds have such great benefits and I do enjoy them-I am sure your almond fest is keeping a smile on your face. Have a great day!

  3. Love it. I am a huge fan of almonds and wish they typically got more play in desserts that call for walnuts, much as I like those too.

    I have been drizzling chocolate on, um, *sandwiches* lately. I swear–a havarti and chocolate drizzle sandwich on a good bread? WHAT? AMAZING.

  4. this sounds amazing! I’ve been searching for a grain-free bread recipe for a while now, looks like I finally found one to try out 🙂 thanks !

  5. I just think it looks fabulous – I always like a good green.

  6. Interesting! I’ve never had protein bread, but it sounds liek a smart way to fit in some protein for sure!

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  8. i’m totally hooked!!! protein bread here i come…the addition of lemon really sounds divine 🙂

  9. A protein packed bread is a recipe i would love to be skilled in making. Wouldn’t miss trying this out…Thanks for sharing!

  10. Liz

    Ohhh, this sounds divine. I am going to have to rehash it to take out the egg whites. Any suggestions? Apple sauce, banana?

  11. Could I substitute flaxseed meal for the psyllium husks?

  12. Lovely pictures! Feel free to submit your healthy food photos to our sharing gallery: http://www.healthfreakfood.tumblr.com/

  13. emma

    Just made your bread Is amazing, I used dry roasted almonds. Very calorie dense for a small serve, so I think one loaf will last me a while I put the rest in the freezer! Thank you for the recipe, next I will be trying the whey bread 🙂

    • That’s fantastic Emma! Yes, it does have a few kCals in there…I’m keen on that as I am eating to put on lean muscle so need some extra cals 🙂 This is a good way to get them without adding bad kCals that would lead to fat storage. So it’s all good 🙂

  14. Just a quick question….can you use almond flour instead of butter? I don’t have a strong enough food processor to make almond butter but am hanging out to try this recipe!

    • I’m guessing so. Try whizzing the almond flour until it starts to get moist though to start, then when the batter is mixed, check to see if it might need a little almond milk or something to make sure it’s a moist consistency.

      Is it hard to find almond butter in health food stores and supermarkets where you live?

  15. looks delicious! and so simple. I’m a big fan of almond butter. I’ve never tried to make it myself, though. I guess a Cuisanart would do the trick? What do you use to make the almond milk?

    • A Cuisinart should be fine. A strong food processor is all you need. the almond bread recipe is lovely. I’m making it again today myself…have to rush out and stock up on almonds again 🙂

      Almond milk recipes abound on the web. They’re all pretty much the same. You can vary the ratio of almonds to water but basically they are the key ingredients (you could even use fruit juice) and sweeten it or add vanilla etc. I’ve got on on my site as well that includes an almond loaf recipe to use up the leftover almond meal: http://chocolatechillimango.com/2012/02/26/almond-milk-loaf-waste-not-want-not/
      Use a blender for the almond milk though.

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  17. Hi there,
    I just made my own version of your yummy bread….I soak all nuts and seeds overnight (or for a few hours depending on size etc) to activate before blending. I used 2 cups of soaked almonds and 2 cups of soaked sunflower seeds and then 3 full eggs plus the other ingredients you suggest minus the psyllium husk. It came out so delicious and moist, I love it, THANK YOU. Anyway, I would love to share it with my fitness clients and will give credit to your website at the same time if that’s OK with you?
    Thank you
    At-One Women’s Fitness

    • Hi Melanie,

      that’s fantastic! It’s such a great bread, isn’t it? So versatile too. It works really well with sunflower seeds/butter. Still great with either savoury or sweet toppings.
      Please do share the recipe, that’s definitely OK.
      You might want to try adding the psyllium – great for adding extra fibre but also gives the bread a little boost in texture too, I think.

      I’m heading over right now to check out your website!!!! 😀

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