Chocolate Freckle Pops … Australia Day 2011

This isn’t really a recipe post.  I was just thinking about typical Australian sweets as it will be Australia Day on the 26th January.  For some reason, chocolate freckles kept popping into my head.  I had some milk chocolate at home and some leftover hundreds and thousands.  Tonight I was too tired to bake, I couldn’t be bothered ironing, couldn’t sit in front of the TV to watch the tennis … so I made chocolate freckles.  Sure that only took about 10 minutes all up 🙂

There’s always a lot of debate about Australia Day at this time of year – what it symbolises and whether we should even be celebrating at all.  I’ll leave the debating to others.   Yes, the historical significance of this day gives us pause.  Ultimately, though, it’s great to have a day to celebrate what it means to be Australian, how lucky we are to live here – despite our harsh climate and the toll it takes (as in the recent flood disasters in QLD and VIC).  There’s good and bad everywhere you go, but I think we’re fortunate to live in a society that has more than it’s fair share of good.

It’s heartening to see all the wonderful efforts Australians all over the country are making to aid those in dire need now.  A few of these include Victorians in areas themselves devastated by bushfires and a tragic loss of life only two years ago; neighbours, friends and strangers getting out to help each other in flood affected areas, despite their own personal hardship.  Kudos also to our local hospitality industry in Victoria, holding fund-raising events on Australia Day.  If you’re interested and want to see which restaurants are participating, check out Victorian Restaurants Unite.   And how about Melbourne’s café scene raising money through the donation of proceeds from coffees and, in some cases, all sales on specific days over recent weeks.

And sometimes it helps to think of the simple things we treasure to bring a smile to our faces.  Like chocolate freckles (or Vegemite, lamingtons, pavlova, whatever … ).  To bring out the big kid in all of us.  Nostalgia is good.  They’re also kind of funky retro …

You know what you need to make them.  Just melt some milk chocolate in a microwave for a few minutes at 50% power.  Stir it until it’s smooth.  Pipe or spoon it in rounds on a lined baking sheet.  Tap to let the chocolate spread and flatten.

Sprinkle on some hundreds and thousands and allow it set at room temperature or in the refrigerator.  If you want to make the pops, place a toothpick in each chocolate round so that it sets on the toothpick.

Happy Australia Day.


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